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Online social networking isn’t all about your gran keeping up with your kids on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, before any of these names really took off it was business that led the online social revolution.

For those whose only experience of the reality TV show The Restaurant is the series currently being aired on BBC 2, it may be hard to believe that the programme will produce a winner worthy of serious financial backing to open the restaurant of their dreams.

When Adrian Moorhouse, the former gold medal winning Olympic swimmer tells EN ,“I think we have got a bit flabby, haven’t we?” it’s taken as an upfront, if slightly insensitive comment. Thankfully he’s not insulting our out-of-condition reporter but putting the state of British business into the context of a sporting challenge.

John Spanswick thinks the construction industry gets a bad press. It’s got a lot to be proud of despite a tough 18 months and good PR will be crucial to riding out the storm, he tells EN, before addressing guests at the 20th anniversary event of construction PR firm Clare Communications at Manchester’s Imperial War Museum.

The word “guru” is one of the most overused in the English language. From PR to plumbing, it seems to be applied to anyone with a big enough mouth and a modicum of achievement to back it up.

Until last year Kavita Oberoi was a relatively anonymous – if successful – businesswoman and property investor, employing 25 people at the smallish healthcare IT business she founded in Derby in 2001.

John Calverley works for a bank. So why should we listen to a word he says?

Partly because his employer, Standard Chartered, was pretty much the only bank to emerge from 2008 smelling of roses.

“Picture the scene," says PR legend Max Clifford as he takes to the stage in Manchester. "St George's Hill, Weybridge, where a lot of major stars live. It's about 20 years ago and the star that I was working with at the time had just finished some interviews for American television.

Quite why it took Tony Wheeler so long to find a UK publisher for his autobiography-cum-corporate history book is baffling considering he’s spent almost 40 years nurturing what is now the world’s largest independent guidebook publisher.

In the aftermath of the election of Barack Obama, the civil rights campaigner and former presidential hopeful Rev Jesse L Jackson Sr delivered a public lecture to a packed crowd at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk.

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Five Minutes With

Like Sir Richard Branson, entrepreneur Eric Everard's first business was a student magazine.

It took Richard Shonn, managing director of 151 Products, three years to find a warehouse big enough for his requirements.