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Data analytics expert Professor Stijn Viaene says that Big Data presents significant opportunities for smaller businesses.

Claire Taylor, author of The Tao of Storytelling, looks at the five biggest mistakes businesses make in storytelling.

Ecotaxe is due to be applied on all freight movements in France from the New Year. Marie Boyer, managing director of France Line, French road freight specialists, based in Manchester, takes a look at what this will mean for UK exporters, and if anything can be done to mitigate it.

If you want a successful ecommerce site then there is a formula you must apply. It is traffic x AOV (average order value) x conversion rate = Sales.

Traffic is the most powerful of the three items before the equals sign because the traffic influences both the AOV and the conversion rate. That means that just driving a lot of traffic will never be enough. You also need to be driving the right traffic.

Chloë Thomas, author of Ecommerce Marketing; How to drive traffic that buys to your website, has some advice for attracting the right sort of traffic.

Many leaders are currently facing the challenge of leading in conditions of great uncertainty in an unpredictable environment. Yet much leadership and change guidance is predicated on the assumption of a relatively stable or foreseeable future – for which plans can be made.

Sarah Lewis, chartered psychologist and author of Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management offers seven tips to help leaders continue to offer leadership even when firm predictions are hard to come by and plans are difficult to make.

The introduction of Universal Credits (UC) is the radical overhaul to the benefit and welfare system. It’s set to replace six existing benefits and will instead be one single monthly benefit payment. This project was initially planned for national roll out in October but there have been a number of delays and setbacks which has provided start-ups and those who are self-employed additional time to prepare.

Many people, at some point in their working lives, have to have a difficult conversation with someone. It might be about a performance issue or something more personal. It can be with a peer, a subordinate or indeed a boss.

Very often people are anxious about having this conversation. They either avoid it for so long that when they do tackle it it comes as a complete shock to the other party, or they rush at it like a bull in a china shop just to get it over with.

Sarah Lewis, chartered psychologist and author of Positive Psychology at Work’, has ten tip to help produce a good result when you have a difficult conversation to tackle.

Air traffic controller strikes across Europe this week are having a major effect on travel, causing delays and cancellations. As a small business, where do you stand legally if your livelihood is affected by delays beyond your control? Rob Ashall from Brilliant Law outlines what you are entitled to legally and how to reclaim compensation.

Only a short train journey or ferry ride away, France is a great place to visit. But for those who want to make France a permanent home or buy a property to let, there are a number of tax issues to consider. We take a look at the top five things you should ask your accountant before purchasing your French abode.

Teams are the building blocks of organisations. Teams are groups of people who work together to achieve things, but not all groups are teams. Teams are characterised by team members having to work together to get things done. While this interdependency creates the potential for the whole to be more productive and creative than the sum of the parts, it can just as easily be a recipe for frustration and conflict.

So how can you help your team get the most out of working together?

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  • Author, writer and marketer Ryan Holiday on how entrepreneurs need to interpret failure.

  • Sue Vizard, business coach and author of Jump Start: The Start-up Book for Your Dream Business, looks at some of the questions solo entrepreneurs should ask themselves.

  • Ian Wright, founder and chief executive of, is bringing together SMEs and NEDs - without the hefty recruitment fees.

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David Hughes sums up his entrepreneurial career to date thus: four spectacular successes and two failures. He founded the sports retailer Allsports and achieved turnover of £180 million before a vicious price war meant decline, administration in 2005 and a sell-off to rival JD Sports.

It took Richard Shonn, managing director of 151 Products, three years to find a warehouse big enough for his requirements.